Check out this elaborate Wolverine cake created by Kimberly Chapman for the 2011 That Takes the Cake! Sugar Arts Show and Competition in Austin TX. A self proclaimed “fangirl,” the cake is based off elements from the terribly disappointing “Wolverine Origins” movie.

Be sure to check out Chapman’s page for a comprehensive break down of how the cake was made and her thoughts on what went in to the design.

Ultimately, the cake had won her Second Place in the Showcase. The judges must have liked the silly yellow spandex.

Source: kimberlychapman

One thought on “Kimberly Chapman’s Epic Fangirl Wolverine Ultra-Cake Of Awesomness”

  1. Glad you liked it!

    And yeah, Origins was weak as a movie. But it’s got Hugh Jackman in it. I’d watch that man read the back of a cereal box. I’d watch it daily if he sang the back of the cereal box. You don’t want to know what I’d do if he was singing the back of the box while shirtless and moistened. Pardon me, I need a personal moment…


    Let’s hope the next Wolverine movie rocks. I loved The Fountain so I’ve got higher hopes given the shared director.

    PS I love the name of this blog. It’s a regular phrase in our house.

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