Words like awesome were invented for stuff such as what you’re about to witness. Watch Klick’s amazing new holiday office video that’s jam packed with a barge of never ending memes. Can you name them all? Happy holidays!!

2 thoughts on “Klick’s Ultimate Never Ending Meme Holiday Office Video”

  1. There are 63 memes and Klick has put the answers into the top of the video now. And they’re all hyperlinked to the original YouTube references! Watch it again and satisfy your curiosity!

  2. If you loved last year’s holiday video, you will love this year’s too!

    Check it out, http://klickholidayvideo.com.

    This year Klick employees are spoofing their favourite holiday movies and tv specials. They are also looking to give away an iPad 2, Blackberry Playbook and MacBook Air for the viewers who can identify the most titles and characters from the video.

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