Created by Sarah Dillon, the “Go-Girl” is a new device that will allow women to use the bathroom just like one of the guys. And officially marketed as the “Female Urination Device for Travel and Active Women.”

According to Dillon, the device is targeted for women who are “on-the-go” and want to get in and get out because they have more important things to do than to spend an eternity relieving themselves. The device is also perfect for germaphobes or those who “go to a lot of concerts where there’s a lot of port-a-potties around.”

Dillon calls it an “edgy product,” which was originally developed for women with hip or knee replacements unable to physically use the bathroom while sitting.

The Go-Girl will also come with a funnel attachment for mess-free relief. The device sells for $4.99 or $11.00 for three.

From the press:

“You’re on the go. There is no sanitary restroom in sight… and you just can’t wait. It’s a common problem for women who enjoy world travel, camping and outdoor activities. Posing a solution to women’s restroom debacles everywhere is GoGirl (, a new product launched by FemMed Inc of Minnetonka, Minn.

Women have been faced with the challenge of unfit or non-existent restrooms for quite sometime,” said Sara Dillon, sales director of FemMed Inc. “GoGirl is the perfect solution to any bathroom emergency a woman can face. For campers, there’s no more soiled clothing or shoes; for travelers, there’s no more worrying about what kind of bathroom you’ll find or if you find one at all. Even if you just want to avoid germs in places like gas stations and shopping malls.”

GoGirl is a simple sanitary female urinary device (FUD) made from medical-grade silicon that lets women enjoy the same benefits that men do — in terms of restroom availability. GoGirl is $4.99 for one device, sized to fit easily in a purse or backpack and is disposable or reusable.”

Source: Go Girl