Using the online tool Floor Planner, Tadej Štrok created this detailed illustration showing the floor plan of Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce. It was done in celebration of the “Mad Men” season 4 finale.

According to Štrok:

The plan, of course, is not perfect. The bottom left part of the offices caused me a lot of trouble, since it gets very little air-time in the series. Therefore I’m still not sure if I got it right (I assumed they have that extra room for whiskey storage :P). It was said in the series that Cooper doesn’t have his own office, but what about Ken Cosgrove? If you have any ideas let me know. Also, the scales are done by heart and the furniture is limited to what Floor Planner had to offer, so I had to improvise a lot (no typewriters or bourbon bottles :/).

But I hope the fans of this truly brilliant show will enjoy it nevertheless.

Good job nevertheless! What a great season’s finale to “Mad Men.” You can check out the high-res version here.

Source: kratocasnik