Dutch jewelry designer Ted Norton has developed a makeup kit that’s perfect for any femme fatale or at least one that’ll make any woman feel like a wannabe spy. Check out these awesome makeup kits that look like real firearm but secretly conceal your makeup! The guns are made from 3D printed nylon and come in two varieties:

The Dior001, which includes Dior lip gloss, an antique hairpin, pill storage, a USB stick, and a 100-gram sterling silver bar.

And the Chanel001, which conceals Chanel lip gloss, an antique hairpin, 18k gold toothpick, a perfume bottle with an 18k gold mechanism, a 50-gram 24kt gold bar, a USB stick, and a Viagra pill.

Both of these one of a kind makeup kits won’t come cheap however. The Dior001 will run the spy in you $11500, while the Chanel001 will set you back $17000.

Hey, gotta make money to spend money amirite ladies?

Source: Fastcodesign

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