Lao Du, a 55-year-old Chinese pensioner from Zhengzhou, China can now finally sit in comfort after doctors removed a broken syringe needle which had been stuck in his bottom for 31 years.

Yes, a needle in his ass for 31 freaking years.

“I got a cold and went to see an amateurish doctor in my hometown village, but the needle broke off once it pierced my bum,” Du said.

“I was sent to a provincial hospital immediately. After being hospitalised for nine days, doctors checked me but failed to find the broken needle.”

Despite the doctor’s ability to find a problem, Du had discomforts with his butt. Du often feel sharp pains and even had difficulties walking without pain.

He went from doctor to doctor, asking them to find it and pull it out, but no one will willing to cut him open until he came across Chief surgeon Fu Konglong, at the Zhengzhou People’s Hospital.

The surgery took over three hours, but when all was said and done,the doctor was able to find and remove the needle from Lao’s Haystack.

Source: annanova