Pixar and Disney are getting ready to release “Up,” the movie that I think might just be the best Pixar movie ever. One thing is missing though… where’s the merch? I haven’t seen any commercials for toys, games, or even happy meals tie-ins. Are they just holding back till release time or is it something worse? Sadly, its something worse.

Despite everyone’s excitement over the movie, Wall Street and Toy Manufacturers are wetting themselves like little babies over the fact that the movie is based around an old man.

“We doubt younger boys will be that excited by the main character,” says a joy hater from Pali research who’s also concerned about the lack of a female lead. Thinkway, the company responsible for all of Pixar toys going back to Toy Story, will apparently not create a single Up-related item, and Disney Stores will only stock tie-in products “on a limited basis,” say analysts.

I’ve got to ask.. what the hell is wrong with these people? With the talking dog, the flying house, and the giant zeppelins… this movie could have some severely kick ass toys. Now, if only the companies would get their heads out of their asses.

Source: nymag