A Chinese gamer has paid $16,000 for a one of a kind virtual sword at a pre-release auction for Chinese martial arts MMO “Age of Wulin.”

According to a report by the Daily Mail, because “Age of Wulin” is not expected to launch until February 2012, developer Snail Games, had presented the man with a plaque and a picture of his newly minted purchased.

Other virtual items sold at the Wulin auction ranged from a Lordly Spear Sheath ($2,500) and a Hook of Departure ($1,600) to various unique mounts that characters can ride ($70 each).

“Age of Wulin,” is set in medieval China and is currently in beta phase. An English version is expected to enter closed beta in spring 2012.

And ladies, if there’s one to take away from this story, it’s that geeks have disposable income.