A Boston man who apparently didn’t show enough chivalry was attached by two women who told investigators that they needed to “teach him a lesson” for not holding an elevator door for them.

Kenyana McQuay, 27, and Waltia Funches, 28, told officers, Mohammed Warsame, “was rude to them” because he didn’t hold the elevator door open when it started to close on them. As a result they attacked him with a plate of pasta, punched, kicked and beaten him with handbags.

According to the police report, the women told police “they had to use their fists, their bags and their feet to teach him a lesson.” In fact, when officers arrived at the Tremont Street building late on Saturday night they said they found noodles dripping off the back of Warsame.

“Officers noticed the back of his shirt was covered with what looked like the remains of a pasta dish,” the report said.

Both women have been charged with assault and battery. Which ironically is not very lady like.

Source: thebostonchannel