Voltron is one of Those 80’s cartoons that you either loved or you are a soulless banshee. There have been several attempts to revive the series since the first five lions kicked Haggar and Zarkon across the universe, but most of them have been kind of weak. Even the latest cartoon iteration had a decent story, but looked as though it was animated by a high school flash animation class.

Along comes YouTuber Alex Albrecht. Alex has just put together and released a fan film called Voltron: The End, a live action shirt film that gives us our first look at what a a live action voltron experience might look for.

Here’s the kicker. He didn’t just fill the cast with some random guy or his roommate. The actor sitting in the cockpit of the red lion, and playing a much older Lance, is none other than Timothy Omundson, best known as Carlton Lasseter (Lassie) from USA’s Psych.

This is definitely not a storyline that I’d have ever expected to see from Voltron, but I’m pretty stoked that they made it… now I just hope they make more.

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