What happens when you remake Duck Tales as a live action Icelandic drama about drug abuse in the style of Lars Von Trier? I’m not entirely sure… but it’s awesome! Oh, and very NSFW for language. Seriously though… this is dark… like Requiem For a Dream dark. Sure, Don’t worry about the fact that the whole thing is in Icelandic… in a way, it actually makes it that much grittier. I’d love to see their take on Rescue Rangers or tail Spin. I bet their Darkwing Duck would be beyond epic!

Official Description:
From Icelandic comedy group Mid-Island, comes a mock trailer for a dogma film about the lives and times of Donald Duck.. in danish!

Donald leads a tormented life on the unforgiving streets of Duckburg, where sometimes he must betray his own conscience to make ends meet.

Donald has to raise his 3 nephews, deal with a cheating girlfriend and put up with working for his stingy uncle; the richest duck in down. This is a tale everyone can relate to.

The sketch was premiered in the comedy show Mid-Island on Channel 2, Iceland, april 12, 2012.

Mid-Island consists of comedians Ari Eldjarn, Bergur Ebbi Benediktsson, Halldor Halldorsson and Johann Alfred Kristinsson. The series was directed by Ragnar Hansson and produced by Mystery Island – http://www.mystery.is

Source: Cartoon Brew