It didn’t take long, but someone came along and made Rebecca black seem like The Beatles. His name? Mr. Ghetto. His song? Walmart!

That’s right, it’s a “musical” ode to the number one retailer in the country and all the fly honies that hang out there. If you ever wanted to know how to pick up a girl at a Walmart, this rap is the video you must watch today.

Some of the things he likes to see a woman buy at Walmart, or have when they go there include:
– A Louisiana Purchase Card (Food Stamps)
– The ability to shake their booty like a perpetual motion machine
– She should have a basket
– She buyin Boy Shorts
– She buying panties
– She Buyin Panty Hose
– She buyin Summer’s Eve
– She buyin Massengil
*Wow, does she really need both? That can’t be a good omen!
– She buyin Gush(?)

One of the big questions I have after watching this video… aside from how I’ll ever get those 5 IQ points back, is… how the heck did they get away with filming this in a Walmart? Anyways, enjoy the song that everyone will be using as a ringtone by the end of next week.