Army Vet, Jake Booth did not have a good February. First, the 35-year old got pneumonia then he had a heart attack, during which he died for 15 minutes before being revived, upon which time he fell into a 48 day coma.

Upon waking up, there was only one thing on Jake’s mind. Taco Bell.

“He actually said, out loud, ‘I want Taco Bell,'” Booth’s brother told USA Today’s “This Week in Taco Bell” (which, yes, is a recurring feature dedicated solely to news about the chain). “That was the very first thing he said.”

Unfortunately, Jake’s luck hadn’t completely turned yet, On doctor’s orders, it would be another three weeks before he could finally indulge in the butt bursting joy that is Taco Bell.

Here he is in all his glory, and here’s a Gofundme to help him take care of some of the bills that come with dying and then sleeping for two months.


Source: Geekologie