Superhero costumes doesn’t always have to be spandex and Kevlar. Introducing Mark Newport, an artist who also knows that every superhero fights crime the best when they’re comfortable, warm and cozy. — something mom would have approved.

Hand-knit from acrylic yarn, each of Newport’s costumes show the softer side of superheroism but like everything in life, comfort doesn’t mean cheap.

Each suit sell for around $10,000. Nothing but a minor inconvenience fee for the likes of Bruce Wayne or Tony Stark, but for everyday Joes, that’s a whole lot of value meals!

Don’t fret if you can’t afford a Newport work of art, you can always still just see them up close. Beginning January, the Greg Kucera Gallery in Seattle will begin showcasing Newport’s knitted wonders.

Newport’s work set out to explore the themes of masculine identity and activity and ranges from self created heroes to knitted representations of iconic superheroes such as Captain America, Batman and Spider-Man. Each

Source: Mark Newport, comicsalliance