is reporting that some vandals have taken to the streets in an effort to share the ending of the new movie, Marley and Me with the people of Los Angeles.

Here’s the email that the guys over at Filmonic received:

My friends and I saw these Marley and Me billboards up around town with graffiti that says that the dog dies…

One of my friends then told me that she’d heard that the dog ends at the end of the movie…how horrible! I won’t be spoiling my children’s Christmas day with a dead puppy.

To people afraid to show their kids a movie where a dog dies… suck it up. The world is not a worse place because of Old Yeller! I am a better person for experiencing death along with Big Bird when he found out that Mr. Hooper was never coming back. Even Mr. Rogers did a special episode after Robert Kennedy was Assassinated.

Fine, the dog dies. Don’t make that the reason you don’t see the movie. Make the fact that it looks like a sucky move be the reason you won’t see the movie.




One thought on “Marley And Me Vandals Spoil Flick”

  1. What?? No “spoiler alert” in the title. I was soooo going to go see this movie but now? Forget it! Thanks for ruining the movie for me!

    …just kidding. Wasn’t going to see it anyway.

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