Part of me loves seeing stories about kids like this and part of me really hates it. I mean… he’s probably going to squander his gifts and use them to do something good for society. Where are all the evil geniuses?!? If I had his brain, I’d have had my own skull-shaped island by the time I was 14.

Tanishq Abraham was always smart. At the age of four, he was invited to join Mensa. Now, instead of playing video games and throwing dirt at girls, he’s studying astrophysics and working on his plan to build a rocket that can travel faster than the speed of light. I wonder how humiliated his 23 year old classmates are when they have to ask him for help on a physics question?

Video Description:
In the premiere episode of PRODIGIES, THNKR introduces you to the incomparable Tanishq Abraham. At 8 years old, Tanishq contemplates the fate of the universe, attends college classes, and discovers super novae. Enter Tanishq’s special world and join him on his quest for knowledge, while meeting the family and teachers who cultivate his genius.

PRODIGIES is a bi-weekly series showcasing the youngest and brightest as they challenge themselves to reach new heights and the stories behind them.

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