A new interesting study has uncovered that men, particularly British men, prefer the smell of petrol and frying bacon to that of a newborn baby.

Carried out by www.OnePoll.com, which surveyed 4,000 Brits. The study found that among men, the whiff of a newborn was only ranked at number 18 in the poll, while bacon was seventh and petrol was 12th.

Topping the list of smells men prefer was freshly-baked bread followed by clean sheets and freshly mowed grass. Fish and chips, roast dinner and fresh coffee also made the list as did fresh air after rainfall.

Women picked bread, grass and clean sheets followed by fresh flowers and vanilla as their favorites with vomit, body odor and public toilets the worst smells. Around the house rubbish bins, wet dogs, cigarettes and smelly feet came top.

It also emerged that nine out of ten women believe a nice scent has the ability to change their mood.

Stephen Weller, Director of Communications at the International Fragrance Association, said: ”Scent has always played an important part in our everyday life – wherever we go, we are surrounded by different smells, some good and some bad.

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Source: Telegraph.co.uk