I was starting to think that Jesus only appeared on American food. Thanks to Stuff.com, we now know that isn’t the case. A New Zealand man is selling a piece of Pita he says looks like Christ on Tradme, the Australian version of eBay.

Here’s what it says in the auction listing.

Hungry, one morning last week, I decided to heat up some pita bread. I broke it into little bits and left it in the oven for about two and a half minutes.

After the pieces began to blacken I took them out. Oddly enough one piece even looked like the “face” of Jesus. I was tempted to eat it but for some reason I didn’t.

Instead, I left it in the pantry until today, when I finally decided that I might as well auction it off.

I guess what you all want to know is whether it’s a coincidence or real apparition. I’m not really sure. All the same, whether you’re a Christian or just curious, happy bidding!

The Auction ends on January, 8th, so be sure to get on there and get bidding. Last time I checked, the bidding was up to $37.00