Ron English is an amazing artist. He’s the father of agit-pop, and a student of Andy Warhol. The first time I came across his work was in the pages of Ad Busters. His work is more than entertaining, it has a message and whether or not you agree with it, you still can’t stop looking.

On January 13th, Ron will be releasing his newest figure on January 13th, Grin, through Made By Monsters. The figure might look familiar to Peanuts fans. It will be the first of several “Popaganda” figures being released by Made By Monsters this year.

Next up will be MINDstyle’s Popaganda Mini-Fig Series which will feature several of Ron’s popular Popaganda figures. One figure will hit stores on January 24th, followed by the full series in April ‘09. With MINDstyle behind it, you know this set will look great and fly off the shelves just as fast as the Scavengers.