The braintrusts from MIT has created the ultimate hack for Microsoft’s Kinect in what is the closest thing we’ll probably get (for now) to “Minority Report’s” interactive hand gesture-based interface.

Using Kinect drivers for Linux, the folks at the Robot Locomotion Group and Learning Intelligent Systems teams at MIT have come up wit ha system that uses Kinect to impressively recognize not just the position and all ten of your finders, but also your palms.

From the demonstration video below, get to see it in action. I’m pretty sure the guy testing it is currently getting off knowing he’s actualized what was once considered science fiction just a few short years ago. Or rather, eight years to be exact. And look, no gloves needed!

To thinks, all of this achieved with a $200 gaming console… Yea, try and beat that Playstation 3!

Source: Kotaku