Brandy Westberry, a Jacksonville mom is claiming that the Hannah Montana singing Christmas doll she purchased for her 3-year-old daughter Kelzea is teaching her how to drop the F-bomb.

Westberry originally bought the Hannah Montana Holiday Doll believing it was wholesome, until her daughter started to say the ‘F’ word

“I said, ‘Where did you learn that’, and she said ‘the baby’,” Westberry told WTLV.

Westberry claims the doll, which sings the Christmas classic, has a potty mouth and it is rubbed off on her daughter.

“I think it’s supposed to actually be some “rockin’ fun,” said Westberry. “But it don’t come out saying “rockin’ fun.”

Actually, the lyrics are supposed to be: “…later we’ll have some pumpkin pie and we’ll do some caroling.” At issue is the word “pumpkin,” which Westberry, who’s played the doll over and over, said sounds like “f—ing.”

“There’s no question, none at all, it’s plainly clear,” Westberry said. “How could they put this on the shelf?”

Regardless of whether Hannah Montana is saying “pumpkin” or dropping F-bombs, an isolated incident or just a mechanical malfunction, Westberry is taking the batteries out of Kelzea’s doll just to be safe.

Source: NBC