The newest music video that is set to go viral is If You Ever Need Someone – The Family Bones. Not only is it a cool video… but it won’t make your ears bleed like that “Call Me Maybe” song.

The video is a clever combination of live action and post-it note based stop motion animation. The song is pretty catchy and has a serious late 70’s Paul Simon (ala Fifty Ways To Leave Your Lover) vibe to it.

Here’s the official video description:
VIDEO PRODUCED BY: Aaron Kaminar & Justin Webb for Image Flux:
DIRECTED BY: Aaron Kaminar
PROP MASTER: Mary Mitchell Williams
TALENT: Ariela Marin
ANIMATORS: Elan Trujillo, Mary Mitchell Williams, Keith Woodhams, Aaron Kaminar, Justin Webb, Philip Wagner, James Webb

SPECIAL THANKS: Christina Baker, Kate McCallum, Darius Somekhian, Ben Kotler, Jeremy Simon, Madison McCallum, Digital 4K Planet Cameras, Noah Winter Lazarus, Tracy May, Ben Walker, Dermot O’Leary,

We spent nearly four months creating this stop motion animation for the debut single off of THE FAMILY BONES upcoming record. We used a green screen for the live action elements and utilized a few loops and split screens to make it possible to pull this off without a label or a budget. All of the post its you see are real and were put up by hand. Check out the behind the scenes video for more info on how it was made. We really cannot thank all of the people listed above enough for donating their time, resources, and talents to help us realize our vision. I know you’re exhausted. I hope we did right by you.