There are certain things you can get away with in Japan that you just couldn’t do here in the US, for example creating a new all girl, plus-sized pop group and naming them “La Big Three.” Plus sized women are actually a growing fad in Japan right now. They’ve even got the cute, yet mildly insulting name, Marshmallow Girls.

The band released their first video last week called: “Pochative ~ Body mo Heart mo Glamorous.” The song is designed to focus on body positive emotions and celebrating women of larger sizes.

That sort of makes sense, but the fact that the girls are singing into ice cream cones and sausages while eating all kinds of treats kind of makes it feel more like a fetish film.

Here are some choice lyrics from the song:
Plump, plump, positive!
Hamburg, fried chicken, yakiniku,
Pancakes, macaroons, donuts,
Delicious, happy!
Find happiness!

Source: Rocketnews