In one of the weirder news stories that we’ve seen in a long time, a monkey on a motorcycle has attempted to kidnap a small child. The incident went down in Indonesia, one of the many spots where gangs of monkeys have become more violent during the COVID-19 global shutdown. With no tourists around to constantly feed them, the monkeys are roaming the streets in gangs, fighting over food.

This monkey, in particular, doesn’t seem to be interested in launching his own Planet of the Apes style rebellion. According to reports, it’s not totally uncommon to see idiot humans strap monkeys to toy motorcycles, sending them flying, terrified down the street. The monkey can be seen with a collar with a rope attached to it around its neck. There’s a good chance that this monkey just freaked out and grabbed the child. There’s a much smaller chance it was taking the kid to raise among his clan and become the next Tarzan.

Source: Dailymail