Austria’s Mount Oetscher, a 1,893 was just purchased by a religious order of Monks and it looks happy about the news of its new owners. Authorities are not quite sure who “erected” the new monument, but it has quickly become a popular tourist location that the monks of the Cistercian Order in Lilienfeld could potentially milk for all its worth.

Oddly enough, this isn’t the first mystery willy to pop up in the area. This past spring, a giant penis statue popped up next to a church in the town of Traunkirchen. Not surprisingly, that one was met with much stiffer opposition than the mountain statue. When it appeared over night in the garden of Juergen Hesz, local townspeople demanded that he cover it with a condom. He obliged, but not before adding a quote to the covering from German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche – “Gelobt sei was hart macht” (“Praised be what hardens you”).

Source: Mirror