Nadia and Dale recently got married. But as Star Wars nerds they decided it wouldn’t be a real wedding unless it had a full Star Wars theme. But instead of just getting a Star Wars cake, they went all out:

-The 501st legion as a guard of honour
-R2-D2 projector that acted as ring bearer
-Jabba the Hutt wedding cake
-Planet centerpieces from the Star Wars Galaxy for all the tables
-Guests in Star Wars attire

According to Nadia:
“Every entrance was matched to John Williams’ score. The stormtroopers entered to Darth Vader’s theme, along with Dale’s dad as celebrant, then Dale entered to the Throne Room score at the end of Episode IV. The Princess Leia flower girls and my handmaiden of honour entered to the pretty Across the Stars love theme while I entered the chapel with my dad in a Jedi costume (and the beard he grew for the wedding) at the musical climax of the love theme. It was all timed really well and just tons of fun.”

Best wishes to the new couple, and as always, may the Force be with you! To see more of their fantastic geeky Star Wars wedding, head on over to their Flickr site.

Source: Offbeatbride