Holy heroes Batman! Forget any sports highlights you see for the rest of the summer, catching a 7 year old girl from 30 feet up is the catch of the freakin year! The girl didn’t have a scratch on her. The man who saved her tore a tendon in his bicep… but I’m sure he’d rather have an injury that heals than a visual that would have haunted his dreams forever.

Official video Description:

A bystander has filmed the moment a neighbour saved a seven-year-old US girl from injury after she fell from a third-storey window.

Brooklyn resident Steven St Bernard, 52, suffered a torn tendon in his bicep when he caught little Keyla McCree in his arms yesterday, the NY Post reports.

Keyla, who has autism, had squeezed through the gap between a new air-conditioner and the window frame.

Mr St Bernard said she stood on top of the air-conditioner for a moment “dancing and smiling” before falling.

“There were all these kids yelling, ‘the little girl, the little girl’,” said Mr St Bernard, a city bus driver.

“I saw a little girl standing on the air conditioner. I said, ‘Let me get over to her in time. And I made it just in time.”

Her mother Shaleema McCree said Keyla was fine.

“Not a scratch on her. The man caught her, thank God. It’s a miracle.”