Just a couple of days ago, we were talking about the amazing things that 3D printing has done for the world of Prosthetics. Today, we’ve got something a little bigger. New technology has now made it possible for 3D printers to quickly print out full sized homes.

While still early in development, the Apis Cor 3D Printer can construct a mutli-storey home in a single day. Not only does this bring the versatility in design that has exploded with 3D printing to construction and architecture, but it also means that affordable, quickly constructed housing just got a whole lot easier.

The Apis Cor was created so that it can be set up on almost any surface and start building a home within 30 minutes of arriving on site. in one test, the printer was able to construct a 630 sq foot, multi story home in just a day. As far as energy consumption, the printer cuts down on material, manpower, and a ton of energy. It actually onlyuses around 8 Kilowatts of energy, around the same as five tea kettles.

The good news is that something like this could be great for society and the environment. The downside is potentially millions of workers in the construction industry being put out of work almost instantly.


Source: Inhabitat