Taking a page out of the sci-fi classic Total Recal, travellers in America are now being asked to pass through whole body scanners at airport security checkpoints, which penetrates through clothing.

Developed by New York based L3 Communications, this new security scanner has raised concerns after it was revealed that underwear is visible in the scans.

Passengers will be asked to remove metal items, outwear and shows and stand inside a small glass chamber. Passengers will then lift their arms over their head as the scanner scan the body for three seconds. The scanner can then reveal anything foreign as the human body radiates energy at a higher rate than plastic, metal and ceramic.

The scan automatically blurs out the face of passengers and none of the images are stored.

The scanner is currently operating in major cities airports such as Salt Lake City, Las Vegas, Miami, San Fransisco, Tulsa, Okla and Albuquerque, in a pilot program and is voluntary.

Source: Dailymail.co.uk, insidebayarea

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