Australian teenage girls have recently been warned over the dangers of painting their phone numbers onto their skin with sunblock while they sunbathe hoping to attract boys.

Many 14 and 15-year old girls insist that they do what they do as a way to “meet boys,” hoping the unusual tactic would encourage a few phone calls.

Child protection agencies however, are not too thrilled, insisting that they will only attract the wrong type of attention.

According to child protection experts such as Girlforce author Nikki Goldstein, “We’d never advise girls to broadcast their phone number anywhere that could make them a target.”

Obviously a dangerous practice, one girl did come forth admitting that this tactic have been drawing unwanted solicitation from older men. The 15-year-old admitted to The Manly Daily, a local newspaper saying, “An Old guy tried to talk to me. He was trying to take pictures of us.”

Source: Chinadaily