It appears as if the Sasquatch will have some competition. According to John Kirk, co-founder of the British Columbia Scientific Cryptozoology Club, there’s a new monster in Canada, living in a small lake on Vancouver Island.

Kirk who researches unidentified creatures, says his organization began cataloging sighting reports of an strange creature in Cameron Lake about five years ago, when two people reported seeing a long black animal in the water.

“Witnesses have been describing what looks like a dark creature in the lake,” Kirk said. The monster has since been named Cammy.

Kirk believes that the creature may be found and even spent a day searching the lake courtesy of the local tourism board. Using a fish finder, Kirk’s team found what he believes was a giant object among a school of fish roughly 60 feet below the surface. The reading were picked up over the course of several passes which lead Kirk to believe that the readings were of something monstrous rather than a tight school of fish, which would have eventually dispersed.

Of course, like all monster tales, “the promise of better evidence vanished in the cold lake when the investigative team lost its underwater camera.”

Source: Yahoo