I’ve never been a big fan of netspeak, and emojis probably make up less than 1% of my online communication, so my fiance might find it odd to hear that it’s the people who most frequently use emojis are the ones that are horniest and most likely to get married.

The study, which has been published by Match.com (but I’d bet money was conceived by Sam Yagen, the company’s current CEO and the founder of OK Cupid), polled 5,675 singles and showed that 40% of people who think about sex multiple times a day drown their texts in emojis and use them in every text, while those who only think about sex once a day are far more conservative in their emoji use.

A separate study from 2014 found that 54% of emoji using singles had more sex than the 30% who only used words in their text messaging.

The most popular emojis sent by men included the kissy face and the heart-shaped eyes, but the sexs differ on which emoji best represents the penis. According to a 2015 study by Dr. ED shows that women prefer the use of the banana, while men opt for the eggplant.

Helen Fisher, the relationship expert for Match had this to say:
“[Emoji users] want to give their texts more personality. Emoji users don’t just have more sex, they go on more dates and they are two times more likely to get married.”

Source: Match.com