Had a rough day? Need some therapy to help you relax? Therapist Han Li, has the best type of newage treatment for you… he will set you on fire.

Han Li – who runs a clinic in China’s capital Beijing has sparked a new trend in therapy – by wrapping patients in oil soaked blankets and setting fire to them.

“It looks pretty dangerous but it’s harmless when done properly and we’ve never had a patient burnt yet,” explains Le.

According to patients, the heat therapy produces total relaxation despite having flames just centimeters from their bare skin.

Office worker Li Chanling, 53, said: “It produces a type of heat that goes right inside you and leaves you completely relaxed. I have the treatment three times a week and return to work relaxed and rested.”

Han also offers a heat treatment acupuncture with flaming needles stimulating the nerve pressure points, and cupping where heated cups are sealed to the patient’s skin.

Source: ananova