Wearables have become a big part of the personal health market. I actually use the Up24 from Jawbone, but I know at least 15 of my friends who as using the same or a similar device like the FitBit. Things are going to heat up even more with the new health apps in the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus as well as the forthcoming Apple Watch. One thing that none of these devices has tackled yet is breathing… at least until now.

Zenytime is the new wearable that helps you practice and control your breathing so that you can gain all the health benefits from, well, breathing. It will not only have some sort of monitor system in it, but it also will let you play games on your phone that train your breathing by blowing into your device. I can just imagine sitting next to someone on the subway or in a plane when all of a sudden they get the urge to blow.

Source: Damngeeky