The Lord of the…LEGO? Holy Crap this is stupid awesome!

So some insane LEGO builders were hanging out and decided that recreating a scene from The Lord of the Rings. has reported on these amazing LEGO-ers and their incredible journey to create Middle Earth. This amazing layout won “Best Group Layout” at BrickWorld 2011 in Wheeling, Illinois.

So this huge piece of crazy is giant! You have to wonder about the men and women involved in this majestic display of true fanboy/girl love. Wait I didn’t mean fanboys and fangirls were getting it on I meant that they love Lord of the Rings just that much! I was once impressed with myself for having built the LEGO knights castle when I was 12 or something. Now I feel like a jerky loser that sucks in comparison. Truly this is fucking impressive and you should check it out. Enjoy the pictures and revel in LEGO Middle Earth

Source: Slashfilm