Just one more reason why tortoises are better pets than cats.

One of the things that makes tortoises great pets is that it is pretty hard to kill them. Now we have a story about one pet tortoise who managed to survive for thirty years after being locked in a storage room.

It turns out that the owner had forgotten the tortoise at some point. No one suspected anything until the old man died this month and his family started cleaning out his storage room. That is where they found the tortoise, alive and kicking.

How is it possible for the animal to survive for so long without being fed or watered? Well, Vet Jeferson Pires says: ” Manuela’s red-footed species of tortoise, can go for long periods without eating. They are particularly resilient and can survive for two to three years without food. Manuela may have survived by eating termites from the wooden floor.”

Source: buzzfeed