We try to leave politics behind on the site, because that’s not what you come here for, but once in a while, there’s a cause so great, that everyone can get behind it. There’s a county in the state of Florida named “Lee County.” The inspiration of the name comes from Confederate General, Robert E. Lee. With that in mind, some socially and geeky- minded folks felt that the county needed an update, but they also knew that no one was going to change the letterhead in the government offices. Their solution is to keep the name “Lee County”, but to officially change the namesake that is attached to it.

Seeing as there’s very little chance a County in Florida is going to change their name to Bruce Lee County, the next best thing is Stan Lee! He may not get any more cameos in the MCU movies, but at least he can be forever immortalized on some of the world’s best beaches like Sanibel Island.

You can sign the petition HERE.