Holy crap! Where do you even start with a video like this? At first, it’s like … what the hell kind of zoo is this? Then, it’s like.. That’s no zoo, it’s just a really crappy neighborhood… with a God damned polar bear in it!

Then the questions turn to the woman. Did she end up there because she was being attacked by a polar bear or did the polar bear find her there? She does seem to be a little bit drunk. And her pants… Did the bear really pull them down, or were they already down around her ankles?

Was this really just the end result of a drunk Russian woman peeing in public?!?

If it was me, I’d be happy that my pants were already around my ankles, because the second that a polar bear jumps at my skull… well, let’s just say that I’d probably have to throw them out anyways.

On a side note… Holy Jeez! whoever threw that bottle deserves a contract with the MLB!

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