Now that polar bears have evolved to understand the use of tools… I would like to welcome our new, arctic overlords. Seriously… First, I think this video is a giant F U to all the people out there posting videos of themselves taunting animals behind glass and laughing when they jump face first into the glass.

Now, beyond that… this is some serious stuff. I wouldn’t have had to to worry about the water from the aquarium getting my pants wet… as they would have already have been thoroughly soaked.

This video has already gone pretty wide, but we wanted to share it with you just in case. in it, a polar bear is swimming in his tank as people look on. Then, the smarter than your average predator picks up a rock and uses it to smash the glass!

We can’t understand what the people in the video are saying, but we are guessing that it is not “Oh, look at the cute little bear.”