We try really hard to ignore the world of politics here on YBMW. Why? Because it is pretty clear that most politicians suck and are not worth our time. That in unless they do something so weird, that no matter what your political belief, you have no choice but to sit back and say WTF!?!

Enter Herman Cain. the unlikely republican presidential candidate has made his mark with a “9-9-9” economic plan that sounds a lot like one of the pizza specials that he ran when he was in charge of Godfather’s Pizza. We are hoping that it is that position that prompted the video that we have to share with you today.

Apparently, some time in 1991, Herman Cain, who was much skinnier back then, took to the stage with a full band and a gospel vocal back up and belted out a rendition of John Lennon’s world famous anti-war anthem, ‘Imagine’. The only difference is that Cain wasn’t trying to get the audience to give peace a chance. He just wanted them to give Pizza a chance. That’s right, he changed all of the lyrics so that the entire song was pizza themed. Like him or love, it is pretty damned clever. Right now I hate him, because I can’t get it out of my head.

Here are the complete lyrics.

Imagine there’s no pizza,
I couldn’t if I tried
eating only tacos
or Kentucky fried.

Imagine all the burgers
as frightening as that

You’re lucky you have pizza,
to feed your kids for you
No defrosting or cooking
and no dishes you must do

Imagine eating pizza
each and every day

you may say that it’s junk food
but to me its so much more.
it gives my life its meaning
and it pays a lot of dough

Imagine mozzarella
anchovies on the side
and maybe pepperoni
rounds out your pizza pie

imagine getting pizza
delivered to your door

you don’t have to pick it up now
on my skateboard I will go
I’ll be back in 30 minutes
I just bought Dominoes

All we are saying
is give pizza a chance
All we are saying
Give Pizza a chance.