One 49-year-old factory worker from a Chinese porcelain factory is either the luckiest or unluckiest man in the world. He’s either the unluckiest because he was impaled by ten 12″ metal spikes or he’s lucky because he survived it. According to Chinese news organizations, a robot malfunctioned on the factory floor and unleashed several metal spikes into his arm, chest and other parts of his body. This is why you don’t make fun of robots. They might seem lifeless, but they are listening and they are waiting for their moment to strike. The three rules are a lie!

Six steel rods fixed on a steel plate pierced his right shoulder and chest, and four penetrated elsewhere in his body.

During the operation, doctors found that one of the rods missed an artery by just 0.1mm.

His condition is now described as stable and he will undergo treatment and physiotherapy to assist his recovery, and he is already able to move his right arm.

Source: Geekologie