Even if this doesn’t kill us, I stand by the statement that we’re all gonna die. Some of you might even already be dead. Anyways… A group of scientists that have clearly never read a comic book or watched a scifi movie, want to drill down to the Earth’s mantle. Why? Well, the logic is sound. The Earth’s mantle makes up 80% of the planet’s mass and everything we currently know about it is pretty much based on speculation. Also, Japan, the country behind the endeavor is hoping that it will lead to better earthquake detection technology (you know… if it doesn’t trigger a massive quake in the process).

To achieve this lofty goal, JAMSTEC: Japan’s Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology is getting ready to deploy the Chikyu. It’s not a giant Kaiju (though it’ll probably end up releasing on upon us all!), but rather the country’s biggest drilling vessel. They’ll use it to reach down 2.5 miles of ocean, then another 3.7 miles of sea floor (a.k.a the crust).

The team is currently deciding between three different drilling sites in the Pacific ocean. The first is off Hawaii, the second off Costa Rica, and the third is off Mexico. Notice how none of the drilling sites are off the coast of Japan?

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