Halloween is on the horizon and picking the right costume can make or break you at the big party. This is the one time of year (other than any convention you might go to) where you can fly your geek flag high and no one will say anything bad about it… especially if you’ve fashioned your geek flag into one of these sexy costumes.

Let’s just be honest here… people dress a lot more provocatively on Halloween. That’s part of the fun. No one cares about someone in a nurse uniform, but drop the neckline and add some heels and everyone is doing their best Yakko impersonation as they yell “Helloooooooo Nurse!”

Yandi.com has some ridiculous costumes that make even the geekiest subjects sexy… Don’t believe me… take a look at sexy Sonic the Hedgehog. They’ve created costumes for everything from gamers to comic book fans and even wookiee lovers.

You can buy these costumes and more at Yandy.com

Source: Geeksaresexy