I’m not really sure what to think about this. On one hand, knowing that these gloves, which are made from the hide of a Basking Shark didn’t come from a hunted shark, but one that the creator saw being hauled past him on a truck… so at least we aren’t talking about illegal shark hunting.

On the other hand… WTF is wrong with you if you put on a pair of gloves that has to be cut off or you risk having the flesh torn from your hands?!?

These gloves from srulirecht.com, which cost $720 Euros a pair, are lined with the natural micro thorns that occur on the skin of Basking Sharks. You can slip your hand into them just fine, but if you try to pull them back out, the hooks sink in to your skin and hold tight like thousands of fishing hooks.

Here’s the official description:

Fitted and unlined glove from basking shark skin, with the mic-rose thorns inside. Should you put your hand in, you will discover that the thorns, all directed to slant inward, will lock your hand in place in the manner of, ten thousand fishhooks. Should you attempt to remove it, the thousands of thorns will bite into the skin. You can put the gloves on, but to remove them would mean to cut them off. Gloves for life, or for one wear – the ultimate and final commitment.