With it still pretty hard to find a good job here in the US, you might want to consider applying for a great job like this over in China.

One of the toughest things about living in China is the censorship, but it isn’t that bad when you are the one deciding what people should and should not look at! A Chinese security company is looking to fill one such position and has already had several thousand applications… but who can blame them?!?!

The job is simple, they want you to cruise the net and look for pornography… then they want you to decide if it is indecent. For this, you get over $30k a year and some great benefits, like Yogurt!

Job Title: Chief Pornographic Identification Officer
Work Location: Beijing
Compensation: 200,000 RMB (US$32,300) yearly
Job Description: Rapid Determination of Adult Sites

1) Must be familiar with the standard of adult content from around the world
2) Must be familiar with China’s law standards regarding adult content, familiar with documented

3) Must be familiar with the standards for adult content on China’s internet and it’s service providers
4) Regardless of gender, must be college graduate from 25-35 years old
5) Must have a strong sense of responsibility and work well in a team

1) Full insurance benefits; food, transportation and some communication expenses
2) Book purchasing expenses (actual cost); daily fruit and yogurt
3) Yearly physical check-up; birthday, wedding, and baby bonuses

Source: Rocketnews