Some people call it the city of love, other people like to make fun of the fact that the most popular restaurant on the Champs Elysee is McDonald’s, but one thing that no one really expected is that Paris would be the site of a street fight started by fans of the popular Netflix series Squid Game.

As reported by the DailyMail, a brawl broke out in Paris among the 700 ft-long line of fans who had queued up for a Pop-Up shop dedicated to the series. The incident happened on October 3rd. No one is quite sure what sparked the fights, but hundreds of people standing in a line to buy limited edition merch for several hours is not that hard of a tinder box to ignite.

Fans who managed to not get their butts kicked were treated to an interactive experience where they got to play some of the games from the show, without the risk of being shot in the head.