What happens when you mix a dash of Star Wars geekery with the popular Dia de los Muertos (Day Of The Dead) Mexican flair? You get something totally awesome of course.

Here’s what the artist, John, had to say:
“Finally got to work on a pet project of mine, a combination of the culture influence I grew up with and the cultural influence we came upon as part of at my wife’s last job, a mostly Hispanic school. She taught them the origins of the Day of the Dead, something which I found fascinating to no end.

It was my desire to illustrate some ideas I had bouncing around in my head. This became a bit more sinister than I originally intended, but it seemed appropriate given the hatred and betrayal that engulfed the character.”

While John has stated that he’s done with his Star Wars Day Of the Dead project, and what you see is what we’ll get. I’d personally love to see more!

*UPDATED with the Princess and R2D2. Thanks John!

Source: Flickr