Pugs and Corgis are the canine kings of the internet right now and one lucky pug has just starred in a video that will make him a household name… or at least a name that will be talked about favorably in Star Wars message boards for a couple of days.

His name is Chubbs the Pug, but for the sake of this awesome video, he is the horrible and terrifying Wampug.

Official Description:

http://www.facebook.com/Chubbsthepug/ A re-enactment of the Wampa scenes in The Empire Strikes back featuring Chubbs the Wampug. In the original scenes Luke Skywalker chops off the Wampa’s arm after using the Force to retrieve his lightsaber. In the Wampug Strikes Back, the Wampug has a surprise in store for Luke Skywalker.

Source: geeksaresexy