Wow. Just wow. This might be one of the most ignorant women in the whole California University system. Not only is her rant racist and filled with epic amount of fail, but her timing is craptacular. Perhaps you could find a better time to complain about Asian people on their cell phones than when they are checking to see if their families are alive after Japan’s biggest earthquake in recorded history.

There’s this one moment in the video where she mentions that the Asian’s interrupted her just before she was about to have an epiphany. I’ve got a feeling that the first true epiphany this girl has ever had came when her video went viral and the entire internet rained down a veritable crap storm or net justice.

Her original video has been removed, her phone line has been disconnected, her name has been leaked (we’ll be kind and not share it here) and worst of all… she probably won’t be able to show her face at the library for quite some time.

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