The world’s full of so much ridiculous crap that we don’t ever have to make any of it up. Take for instance “Subtle Butt,” a company that produces portable disposable gas neutralizers that will be given away at an upcoming Class A baseball games.

As a corporate sponsor, fans of the Lake Elsinore Storm will be the lucky few who gets to sample this “life changing” product.

According to a news release from Storm officials, “You can probably deduce that all-you-can-eat ballpark food might lead to substantial gas emissions, which is where corporate sponsor, Subtle Butt, enters the picture.”

Subtle Butt is basically a disposable cotton shield that users tuck into their underwear in order to conceal odors caused by accidental, excessive, or violent flatulence. While it doesn’t specifically say, I’m assuming it may even protect against wet flatulence and the occasional it-wasn’t-fart-it-was-really-poop accidents.

Only the first 250 fans at the April 14 Storm game will receive a Subtle Butt promotional sampler. For those who cannot make it to the game, Subtle Butt is also available online for $9.95.

Check out their commercial/ad below:

Source: NBC